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Hybrid Home Builder

Improve Your Property And Your Monthly Costs

Solar LED Integration

We all depend on the Power Company to deliver the convenience of electricity to us, and we pay dearly for that. Imagine having stored electricity to use at your own leisure and reduce dependency on the power company. Stored Electricity can light your property, heat or cool your property, and is always available to power computers or internet access. Where can you run dedicated lighting, an HVAC system, a Computer/Internet system, an efficient refrigerator, and a television at no monthly cost? Tell us your interests and we will help you determine which system suits your needs. Tax credits (State & Federal) and financing are available.

Builders Services

GreenZone provides business to business services. We offer a full spectrum of remodeling, additions and new construction for government, residential and commercial properties. GreenZone services include lot leveling, land development, interior and exterior finish, upgrade of lighting and mechanical equipment, alternative energy installation. Simple changes, green solutions, special architectural features, full remodeling, or ground up — whatever the need, GreenZone will finish your project professionally and in a timely manner.

HVAC & Environment

GreenZone installs, repairs, and maintains commercial and residential heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. We offer Environmental Services that provide a healthy environment, controlling allergies and other health concerns. Mold control, moisture-barrier sealing, ventilation, and insulation improvements protect the people on the property. GreenZone can lower winter heating costs and reduce summer power usage with the newest methods.

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